Eve Wallinga​​ 

Reviews of first edition

“Everyone should have a copy of this book on their bookshelf.” 
-Charlie Boone, WCCO radio 

"It’s a fun book, and one you should take with you anytime you go for an exploration drive... Instructions for finding falls are detailed and precise. You can’t get lost. The Wallingas will tell you how to get there, what to look for along the trail, how many steps you have to climb, both down and up, and how to get safely back to your car in the least amount of time. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands…This guide will probably become one of the classics of North Shore lore."

-Pat Ciochetto, Cook County Star 

​​​​"The North Shore has more waterfalls than anywhere in the Midwest. Eve and Gary Wallinga's indespensible guide has become a best-selling Lake Superior classic." -Shawn Perich, author, The North Shore, A Four Season Guide to Minnesota's Favorite Destination

New Revised and Expanded Edition!!!

What readers are saying:

"I am so impressed with this piece of literary art. Seriously, I started reading when I was already tired on Saturday night, and stayed up until 1 AM, which I never do. I loved it! It really speaks to the reality of marriage and life."  C.H.

"I LOVED it! I'm still shedding tears . . . I finished The Voodoo Breast a week ago. I loved it from the beginning to the very last page! You will not be disappointed."  P.E.

"I enjoyed the book from cover to cover. I couldn't put it down!" M.F.

"If you love Sarah Addison Allen's books, you will love Voodoo Breast. It has everything a good read should...magic, mystery, sex and complex characters that are transformed by their experiences in New Orleans . . . Having visited New Orleans twice, Voodoo Breast swept me back there with vivid, descriptive writing that brought back memories of music, food, and the other-worldly feel of its nights. Brava, Eve Wallinga! I am looking forward to your next book." S.F.

"There was so much in this book I could relate to. I also went to the same hospital in New Orleans for my mastectomy and reconstruction and enjoyed exploring the city . . . Wallinga really captures the atmosphere of the place and the story sweeps you along through dreams and magic while not shying away from real relationship issues. It was a fun read and I recommend it." E.M.

"I finished it in a day. Excellent read, Eve Wallinga. You captured the spirit of NOLA." C.H.

"I loved it and I honestly hated to get to the end." L.C.

 "Wallinga's imaginative debut . . . a story not only of identity and femininity, but of magic . . . The Big Easy stars in this affecting novel about a couple's unusual route to redemption." 

-Kirkus Reviews (Named a Best Book of 2014)

*One of five debut novels featured in Foreword Reviews, Summer 2014*

What is the meaning of life and the nature of fate? Is Allie's New Orleans French Quarter hotel room a gateway to the spiritual dimension - where all questions are answered? Her husband, Kevin, thinks her experiences are delusion. The woman in the voodoo shop is convinced they are real. What do you believe?