Eve Wallinga​​ 

"SUPERB! A written tapestry that is so well crafted that it literally paints in the mind of the reader. Striking visual imagery, sexual chemistry, music, mystery, and pounding emotion set the story in motion, where loss to cancer begins a restorative transformation of Allie's body and the very essence of her entire life."

-Frank DellaCroce, MD, FACS, Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, New Orleans​​.

Praise forThe Voodoo Breast:

A Novel of Healing

"Wallinga's imaginative debut . . . a story not only of identity and femininity, but of magic . . . The Big Easy stars in this affecting novel about a couple's unusual route to redemption."

-Kirkus Reviews NAMED A BEST BOOK OF 2014

​​"Populated by strikingly real characters . . . Wallinga has penned a fascinating story of healing and recovery in The Voodoo Breast . . . New Orleans becomes a character in itself as a couple deals with the wounds, both psychological and physical, left by a battle with cancer . . . Long-buried tensions surface between the couple as their marriage heads toward the rocks . . . the third person narrative switches smoothly from Allie to Kevin, allowing for glimpses into the thoughts of both. Allie's reconstruction surgery is well paralleled with the reconstruction of New Orleans after Katrina . . . Wallinga has a talent for evoking just the right emotions with her word choice . . . With its supernatural twist, The Voodoo Breast is a welcome and unique addition to the oeuvre of cancer fiction."   


“. . . the guide is beautifully designed and stuffed with useful information.”

-Beth Gauper, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“The prose description of falls and hikes are magnificent enough to do justice to the beautiful scenery. They are also very useful and practical, warning the hiker of difficult areas, or places where it is easy to lose the trail fork or take the wrong
fork . . . Waterfalls of Minnesota’s North Shore is recommended for campers, hikers, nature lovers, scout or nature group leaders, and also armchair explorers because of its beautiful descriptions and photographs. It makes a great gift for someone planning a vacation in the area, or for anyone.”

-Midwest Book Review 

“For each waterfall, the authors have included clear directions to the trailhead and a diagram of the trails and falls . . . We each recommend highly this delightful and valuable guidebook.”

-Minnesota Trails: A Parks & Trails Journal 

“If waterfalls are your passion, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Eve and Gary Wallinga’s latest book,
“Watefalls of Minnesota’s North Shore: A Guide for Sightseers, Hikers, and Romantics.”

-Minnesota Moments Magazine


“It’s a fun book, and one you should take with you anytime you go for an exploration drive... Instructions for finding falls are detailed and precise. You can’t get lost. The Wallingas will tell you how to get there, what to look for along the trail, how many steps you have to climb, both down and up, and how to get safely back to your car in the least amount of time. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands…This guide will probably become one of the classics of North Shore lore."

-Pat Ciochetto, Cook County Star 

“Everyone should have a copy of this book on their bookshelf.” 

-Charlie Boone, WCCO radio 

"The North Shore has more waterfalls than anywhere in the Midwest. Eve and Gary's indispensible guide is destined to become a Lake Superior classic."

-Shawn Perich, author, The North Shore: A Four Season Guide to Minnesota's Favorite Destination


Praise forWaterfalls of Minnesota's North Shore

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