Eve Wallinga​​ 

"SUPERB! A written tapestry that is so well crafted that it lite​rally paints in the mind of the reader. Striking visual imagery, sexual chemistry, music, mystery, and pounding emotion set the story in motion, where loss to cancer begins a restorative transformation of Allie's body and the very essence of her entire life.

-Frank DellaCroce, MD, FACS, Center for Restorative Breast Surgery, New Orleans

After breast cancer, Allie is drawn to post-Katrina New Orleans for restorative surgery. Soon curious events and synchronicities begin to occur - ghostly music, disembodied whistling, and a realistic dream where she meets a mysterious man who promises her a future journey, if she dares. Allie and her husband, Kevin, find their love and faith tested, as they struggle in a relationship strained by time, illness, and diverging views of reality.

​Available Now! The Voodoo Breast: A Novel of Healing

"Wallinga has penned a fascinating story of healing and recovery . . . as a couple deals with the wounds, both psychological and physical, left by a battle with cancer . . . Wallinga has a talent for evoking just the right emotions with her word choice."

-Foreword Reviews

"Wallinga's imaginative debut . . . a story not only of identity and femininity, but of magic . . . The Big Easy stars in this affecting novel about a couple's unusual route to redemption."

-Kirkus Reviews.

Dream? or Reality?